Welcome to the 1960s

We're excited to share fun local history from the island in the 1960s.

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Recipe of the Decade

This decade's recipe is Raspberry Marshmallow Pie. You can view the recipe here, and following along in this fun video:

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Virtual Program


The Origins of Pickleball on Bainbridge Island


Volunteer Spotlight

Jill Sterrett

What is your favorite moment with a visitor?

One of our visitors was very interested in the photos in our temporary exhibit, Honor Thy Mother. The exhibit celebrated the Indipino Community on Bainbridge Island. He was a descendent of one of the couples pictured and knew many of the others.  We learned far more from him that day that we could tell him!  I enjoyed meeting him and it was clear that he enjoyed seeing his community celebrated

Sherry Hagstrom

What is your volunteer role at the Museum?

I help accession materials by entering descriptions and pictures into Past Perfect software. I’m a nerd who worked for IBM for 25 years, so I got into collections because of computers. Even though I'm not interested in interacting with public, I still wanted to do something for the community. I enjoy it quite a bit.

What is your favorite object or photo in the Museum? Why?

The diary of one of the Overland Westerners. I was asked to transcribe part of it. It wasn’t exactly in the King’s English, if you know what I mean. There was a lot of misspellings and colloquialisms like “cowboy” and “cowpoke.” I really got a sense of what they went through, which was phenomenal. Fascinating. They sold posters and merchandise to fund their trip, but they really didn’t come out of it with much.


Family Fun

Hats off to History is a fundraiser for the Bainbridge Island Historical Museum