Welcome to the 1970s

Today we'll share with you some interesting local history from 1970s. 

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Recipe of the Decade

This decade's recipe is Ice Box Bran Muffins. You can view the recipe here, and follow along in this fun video:

1970s Playlist

Virtual Program


Hidden History: Latinix Community on Bainbridge Island


Volunteer Spotlight

Carol & Ron McCarthy 

Why did you become volunteers at the Museum? 

My husband and I became volunteers because another volunteer encouraged us to! We started in 2004, when the Museum moved to downtown Bainbridge.  
We’ve volunteered in a number of areas:  Landscaping, Marshall Strawberry program development, working with the school district teaching community, membership on the Board of Directors, writing and developing day camp programs, research, and working at the reception desk welcoming visitors.  It is wonderful to see how the Museum has grown over the years. The staff has enlarged and the Museum has continued to make a vital impact on the community and visitors from all over the country and the world.  


What’s your favorite moment with a visitor? 

I love when a visitor comes in and says something like “My grandmother grew up on the island…”  and you get to take them into the research library and use the many resources to find information which connects them to island history through their ancestor. It is exciting and satisfying to the seeker as well as to the docent assisting when they can go away with information and perhaps with photos.    

Joyce Nishimura

What is your favorite Bainbridge Island story? Why?

My favorite story is Yama.  I love the story of General Takayoshi and how he brought all cultures at the mill together.  The fact that he was also a photographer has enabled us to better understand the village.  The idea that Yama was perhaps the origin of Japanese American culture really resonates and makes me grateful to be part of this community. As a 4th generation Japanese American from Hawaii, I have a unique cultural background that didn’t connect.  I’m proud to be part of this little island that helps me define my culture.

Family Fun


Hats off to History is a fundraiser for the Bainbridge Island Historical Museum